The Trajectory of Craft Brewing: Lessons for Kombucha

This presentation will cover the recent history, demand drivers, shifting sales channels and recent pandemic shifts in the craft beer industry. Where possible, these historical and current trends will be used to suggest possible trajectories for the kombucha industry as it grows and develops, in both the total beverage and beverage alcohol market.

Meaningful Collaboration – SYMBIOSIS Magazine & BreweryDB

We emulate our mother culture, the SCOBY, who consistently strives for balance and harmony through mutually beneficial long term relationships. As a young industry, we are ripe for collaboration with like-minded partners who understand that we are “where the Craft Beer industry was 25 years ago.”

Thus when Lori Bolin of BrewLogix & BreweryDB struck up a conversation about how we might be able to collaborate together, we were all ears. With BrewLogix as our magazine design partner and Ian Griffin of Booch News as our Editor-in-Chief, SYMBIOSIS Magazine – the Official Journal of Kombucha Brewers International was born!

This conversation will not only share the possibility of what can be created when like-minds converge but also spark ideas for future collaborations.

Going for Gold: How Competitions Can Elevate Kombucha

Food and beverage competitions can elevate a product by creating standards of quality while bringing it into the broader population’s consciousness; but they don’t come without their challenges. In this discussion, Lindsay will present challenges and opportunities from her experience managing the Craft Malt Cup and as judge for the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup competitions. Participants will walk away understanding what it takes to put on a competition and how competitions can be used to elevate the kombucha category. Plus we will breakout into small groups to brainstorm ideas for creating prizes and awards for the Kombucha industry.

Roundtable: Big(ger) Business Brewers – Focus on Larger Scale Manufacturing

Join founding KBI Members and veteran kombucha brewers Shane Dickman (High Country Kombucha, Rocky Mtn Cultures) & Zane Adams (Buchi Kombucha) for this “ask me anything” style session. They’ve been in your shoes – they’ve run into every potential problem with scaling or moving to a larger facility – now its your turn to glean gold nuggets of wisdom from their vast experience.

Roundtable: Small Business Brewers (BIP/T1/T2) – Focus on Marketing

Ask us anything about Marketing & PR!

In this Roundtable, you are invited to bring your questions and curiosity to this conversation focused on getting the word out about your brand. From social media tips to garnering media mentions, our experienced hosts will offer actionable steps to improve your brand’s reach.

Led by Ian Griffin (Booch News, SYMBIOSIS Magazine) & Deanne Gustafson (Kombucha on Tap) who are also presenters of our Bonus Content sessions “Social Media Best Practices” and “Get Press Attention and Nail Your Interview”


Code of Practice – Next Steps & Brainstorming Session

Let your voice be heard! The Code of Practice is now published and ready to be shared with the world. Join the KBI Board of Directors for an update on next steps, then we will breakout into small groups to brainstorm ways to use the information for:

  • Educating regulators
  • Creating consumer education
  • Fun ways to highlight our unique offerings

Heretofore the conversation has been limited to KBI members only – now we invite everyone in our community to weigh in on this valuable opportunity to educate the world about our products.


BONUS CONTENT – Get Press Attention and Nail Your Interviews

You’ve been asked to go on live tv, do you know what to do to prepare so that you come off as polished and professional? Winging it is a horrible idea. Deanne Gustafson is a former tv news anchor and report and current freelance media spokesperson who will share her top tips for looking and sounding good on-camera. Preparation is critical. Deanne’s tips will cover how to sound and look confident even when you are super nervous, what do to if you mess up, ways to make it your appearance so memorable they’ll keep inviting you back!

Kombucha Space Planning, From Acquisition to a Functioning Brewery

This is a moderately deep dive into the process, pitfalls, and successful strategies associated with searching for, and establishing your kombucha brewery real estate. Specific topics cover brokerage, negotiation with your soon to be landlord, efficiencies gained by exceptional space planning and layout, utilities and access requirements, and a brief overview of construction expectations in commercial spaces.

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion

Balancing business and entrepreneurship with life, family and work isn’t always easy. Our panel of small to large Kombucha producers highlight the importance of prioritizing “meaningful to you” self care rituals that not only support your own mental & physical health during stressful times but also in order to support your business & your team.

MODERATOR: Daina Trout, Health-Ade Kombucha


  • Alex Ingalls, Pilot Kombucha
  • Tanya Maynigo, Craft Kombucha
  • Matt Thomas, Brew Dr. Kombucha
  • Matt Witherell, Humm Kombucha

Get Hard with Boochcraft

This talk will specifically focus on the making/brewing of high alcohol kombucha and certain considerations for the high ABV kombucha brewer. It will look into the difference between NA and high ABV kombucha and we will also discuss the infamous question of the bacteria and alcohol.