Meaningful Collaboration – SYMBIOSIS Magazine & BreweryDB

We emulate our mother culture, the SCOBY, who consistently strives for balance and harmony through mutually beneficial long term relationships. As a young industry, we are ripe for collaboration with like-minded partners who understand that we are “where the Craft Beer industry was 25 years ago.”

Thus when Lori Bolin of BrewLogix & BreweryDB struck up a conversation about how we might be able to collaborate together, we were all ears. With BrewLogix as our magazine design partner and Ian Griffin of Booch News as our Editor-in-Chief, SYMBIOSIS Magazine – the Official Journal of Kombucha Brewers International was born!

This conversation will not only share the possibility of what can be created when like-minds converge but also spark ideas for future collaborations.

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