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Join us in Reno, Nevada for the Ultimate KKON & KKUP Experience!


KBI is proud to partner with Craft Beverage Expo & Conference | Tasting & Tap Room Expo for upcoming KKON Regional Conference in Reno, Nevada, uniting industry leaders and enthusiasts in a dynamic exploration of craft beverages. Join us for an unparalleled gathering of innovation and traditions.

March 12th, KKON24 Conference recording in store soon! 

May 5th – 7th, KombuchaKup Award of Excellence – Reno, Nevada

May 7th & 8th KKON24 Conference – Reno, Nevada 


Your tickets price includes:

  • Salon Panel Discussions
  • Craft Beverage Expo & Conference | Tasting & Tap Room Expo Pass
    • Free registration link
  • Seal Program
  • KKUP Contest
  • KKUP Award Ceremony
    • Pour for your Peers Reception


  • Bonus – Opportunity to share your booch with fellow craft producers at the Pour for Your Peers Reception – reach out for details

Enjoy the added benefit of discounted lodging through our collaboration with the Craft Beverage Expo & Conference | Tasting & Tap Room Expo! Secure your discounted room now—limited availability! Book Now

Who Should Attend KKON24 Regionals?

  • Anyone who has a kombucha brand 
  • Anyone who wants to grow the kombucha market
  • Anyone inspired to start a kombucha brand
  • Suppliers who have solutions for an industry with growing pains
  • Founders, brewmasters, forward thinkers, problem solvers, solutions oriented, community minded, passionate entrepreneurs who care about planet and people along with profit

Why Attend KKON24 Regionals?

At the heart of the KBI KKON24 Regionals lies a shared understanding of Kombucha’s profound benefits, an insight reinforced by modern research and echoed in ancient references to it as the “Tea of Long Life” and the “Tea of Immortality.” As Kombucha gains momentum as a healthful elixir for all living beings, this event acts as a focal point for producers to delve into essential topics that impact their craft.

Relationships.  Making connections in our industry is invaluable because of the unique challenges we face. We may all be competing with each other in business, but at the end of the day, we all benefit when our industry builds a strong culture. Collaboration is part of our DNA!

Education. KBI is a membership driven, education & advocacy focused organization. We understand a lot of our member and industry mates are “accidental entrepreneurs” who may not have been to business school. KKON is dominated by panel discussions to ignite inquiry and stimulate conversation. There are untold solutions from other industries and that have yet to be imagined. Your contributions to the conversation are valuable!

Camraderie. Show off and share your wares at our Share Your Kombucha Sampling Bar and gain valuable insight as to what’s in the market; get inspired for new flavors and packaging; and appreciate your peers products. 

Fun! The best part is that we make it fun. Our industry is full of lively characters and we do our best to make each event a unique experience. Join us for a delicious lunch, drinks and networking with like minded people.


We are a MEMBER BASED organization – Membership Matters because it means that we are all chipping in toward our mutual success. As such, we are always incentivizing membership. Take a look at our monthly membership options and take advantage of lower prices for this event and TONS of FREE resources in our Member Library.



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Now more than ever we need to reknit our community. If you are passionate about planet, people and profit, then find your collaborators amongst your peers. Each conversation is a chance to deepen roots and strengthen bonds to create resiliency.

We encourage you to arrive a few minutes early to make sure you can get in the headspace for the day ahead.

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Connect with us at Registration during the conference or by email in advance:

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