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In order to enhance the hybrid conference experience, KBI is using the Whova App

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Whova App Tips and Suggestions

Need help navigating the Whova App? Take a look here.

Get discovered by other attendees
Want to meet more people and make new connections? You can start by building your own profile on Whova and browsing other profiles in the Attendee List.

We recommend that you:
  • Set up your profile photo, work experiences, education history, and identify your interests
  • Use the “Recommended” tab in the Whova app’s “Attendees” page to find people who share the same background or interest.
How to access your profile:
  • Mobile App: tap on the icon in the upper left corner, then tap on “Edit My Profile”
  • Web App: click on the upper right corner of your screen, then click into “My Profile”
Find directions and other info
We will also add important information to the Logistics section in the app. There you can find any transportation recommendations, hotel parking info, floor maps, WIFI info, and more.

How to access Logistics:
  • Mobile App: From our event’s home screen, find the “Resources” section and tap into the “Logistics” menu.
  • Web App: On the left side menu, expand the “Resources” menu and click into the “Logistics” item
Build your own schedule
Using the Whova app’s Agenda feature, you can:
  • Bookmark and set reminders for the sessions you’re interested in
  • Find out more details about each session
  • View the list of speaker profiles for each session
How to access the Agenda:
  • Mobile App: tap into the “Agenda” menu at the bottom of your screen
  • Web App: click into the “Agenda” menu on the left side of your screen
Visit our exhibitors
We’re so happy to have so many exhibitors this year! You can visit their online booths and claim deals and offers throughout the event. We are holding a “Passport Contest” for the chance to win prizes by collecting stamps at the booths! (More details in the app). If you’re attending in person you can collect the stamp by scanning your QR code at the exhibitor booth. If you’re attending virtually, you will collect your stamp by leaving a comment on the virtual exhibitor booth.

How to access:
  • Mobile App: From our event’s home screen, find the “Exhibitors” menu and tap into it.
  • Web App: On the left side menu list, click into “Exhibitors”
Leverage your name badge
Make sure to wear your name badge at KombuchaKon, so you are identifiable as an attendee at the event. Your badge will have a QR code that will be scanned at the registration location and exhibitor booths.

Keep yourself informed
We will send out reminders and updates, so keep an eye out for Announcements in the Whova app. The messages will also be sent to you via email. We don’t want you to miss any important notices!

How to access Announcements:
  • Mobile App: At the bottom of your screen, tap on “Community” and you will find the announcements at the top of the page.
  • Web App: On the left menu, click into the “Community” tab and the announcements are displayed at the top of the list.
Share your feedback
Provide the event organizers with useful feedback by filling out surveys and session feedback forms to help make our next event even better! As a bonus, you will earn points to climb the community leaderboard by filling these out!

How to access Surveys/Session Feedback:
Web app:
  • Surveys: Click on “Resources” from the left side navigation bar. Then click on “Surveys” (this will also include Session Feedback Forms).
  • Session Feedback: When you are in a session, you will see a button that says “Rate Session” under the video or live stream. Click there.
Mobile app:
  • Surveys: They can be found under “Additional resources” where it says “Surveys”. This will also include Session Feedback Forms.
  • Session Feedback: Tap into the session, then tap “☆☆☆ Rate”
Participate or start discussions in community board
Our event offers a community board for you to connect with other attendees with similar interests!

How to start a discussion:
Mobile App: On our event home page
Web App: On the event’s left-hand side menu:
  • Click on the community tab and head over to Add a topic or social group.
  • Add the required information
  • Post discussion and connect!
How to participate in a discussion:
Mobile App: On our event home page
Web App: On the event’s left-hand side menu:
  • Click on the community tab
  • Explore the available topics/ social groups
  • Click on the desired discussion
  • Share your thoughts!

No more business cards!
Want paperless business cards on the day of KombuchaKon? Our event app supports e-business cards for you to share with your new contacts! Avoid carrying a stack of business cards, just scan or create your business card through our event app, within minutes.

Here’s how to create your e-business card (Mobile App only)
  • On our event home page, click on your profile picture.
  • Click on “My Contact Info & QR Code”
  • Add the necessary information or click on “Scan My Business Card” to take a picture of your business card.
  • Once all the information is transcribed, click on “My Contact Info” to share with your fellow contact to add to their contact list.
To request a business card: Head on over to the attendee list, find your contact’s profile, click on “Exchange Contact Info” and send a quick introduction message to exchange business cards.

Documents and Presentation slides
Make sure to download the documents that are provided through KombuchaKon! They can help out in different sessions and enhance your overall event experience. Having these documents will better prepare you for the event. Additionally, some speaker sessions have documents that go along with their content.

How to access Documents:
  • Web app: Click on “Resources” in the navigation bar on the left. Then click on “Documents” and click on the document you wish to download. There will also be handouts under some sessions
  • Mobile app: They will be under “Additional resources” where it says “Documents”. Tap on the document you want to download and then tap on export.
Vote in Polls
Give instant feedback so organizers can get a good idea of how KombuchaKon is going and how much participation there is. Polls can also be attached to a specific session for the audience to vote on a certain topic or share opinions. Like Surveys and Session Feedback, these polls allow your input to be heard. They can also be a great opportunity to participate during sessions.

How to access Polls:
  • Web app: Click on “Resources” in the left side navigation bar, then click on “Polls”. There you will see all of the live polls, including Session Polls, but you can also find Session Polls during each session on the right side of the screen.
  • Mobile app: They will be found under “Additional resources” where it says “Polls”. This will include Session Polls, but you can also find Session Polls where it says “Polls” after tapping into a session.
Check out the posters!
We are hosting our poster session online! Wanted to check out the presenters’ work? In the Artifact Center, you can:
  • Scroll through all of the posters to check out each presentation and browse the materials
  • Ask questions and get answers from presenters
  • Vote for the best presenter!
How to access:
  • Mobile App: From our event’s home screen, find the “Posters” menu and tap into it
  • Web App: Expand the “Agenda” menu, then click into “Posters”

About Whova
Whova is our official event app to improve your experience. If you’re planning an event, check out Whova’s polls examples, registration forms, and ticketing options. If you need any help while using the Whova app, please contact support