Crisis Management while Scaling Up

Providing brewers with the understanding for a fermentation crisis management plan while scaling up. Bottlenecks that can cause issues while scaling and having the proper protocols and procedures in place help ensure we are maintaining quality while scaling as well as monitoring certain metrics to understand if our culture is moving in an unhealthy direction before it gets to a critical stage.

Kombucha Market Analysis & Future Trends feat. Hard Kombucha

Kombucha is a dynamic space – one with rapid consumer adoption and channel expansion, and rapid innovation, delivering against an expanded set of consumer needs. In this session, SPINS will provide their unique cross-channel perspective to help attendees unpack the latest state of the Kombucha landscape. You won’t want to miss this insightful view of performance of the macro beverage landscape, how that influences Kombucha segments today, and where we should be looking for the next horizon of growth. We will touch on other non-alcoholic Fermented Beverages as well as Hard Kombucha. 

This talk is consistently one of the most popular at KombuchaKon. Don’t miss this informative session rich in data.