Gayatri Mehta

Gayatri Mehta is a Research Associate at VLB Berlin, focusing on fermenting beverages, particularly Kombucha, through groundbreaking research in the Department of Bioprocess Engineering and Applied Microbiology (BEAM). With early experience at the Barking Deer Brew Pub and Restaurant in Mumbai (2013-2014), Gayatri oversaw the entire production process, managing tasks like CIP, malt milling, and sensory evaluation. At the Research Institute of Beer and Beverage Analysis (FIBGA) at VLB Berlin (2018-2022), she contributed significantly to commercial turbidity analysis and research on shelf life and stability. Gayatri’s expertise also extended to the Research Institute for Spirits, Analytical Technology, and Sensory Analysis (FISAS), where she led innovative projects, including a rapid forced aging test for beer. Holding a Master’s degree in Biological Sciences from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (2010-2013), she became a certified Brewmaster from VLB Berlin in 2015.

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