5th Ingredient’s Bucha30

Bucha30 is the first software for kombucha brewery data management. It is built to transform process data into cost savings, with an emphasis on quality, consistency, and efficiency. Along with full tea-to-glass analysis, with Bucha30, a kombucha brewery can rebrew into mother tanks, track fermentation profiles over months and years, understand SCOBY health as it is harvested and repitched into new brews, and track inventory for base sugars and teas, hops, and flavored tea adjuncts. Bucha30 also integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online. Visit our www.bucha30.com to set up a demo, read more about our full integration on our blog, or quickly download a full product brochure of Bucha30.

Passport Program Prize: 3 months free of the Brew Process + Raw Materials package of Bucha30 (value up to $4500 USD)


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