ROBERT DE NOLA - restaurant

A cuisine that loves the product and the land that has made it grow.
In a privileged environment, at the foot of the Farell mountain, on the idyllic Paseo del Remei.
A current and modern cuisine respecting the soul and cultural tradition that has been enriching it.

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Recommended Restaurants

Fika Brunch  – Friendly environment with Km0 vegan food.
For reservations: fika.reservas@gmail.com  / or call +34 93 807 2994

Na Madrona – Small & welcoming atmosphere serving Italian food. https://namadrona.com/ For reservations: Na Madrona Booking/ or Whatsapp +34 618 004 743

El Pa Torrat – Pizza & “Catalan Pizza toasts” https://www.instagram.com/elpatorratdecaldes/
For reservations:  elpatorratdecaldesdm@gmail.com or call +34 865 40 78

Divergent – small and elegant environment with signature cuisine. https://www.instagram.com/comuladajoantorner/ 
For reservations: call +34 93 351 9165 / +34 696 817 120

Mirko Carturan – Modern environment with signature cuisine. www.mirkocarturan.com For reservations: call +34 93 865 4160 / e-mail: mirkocarturan@mikocarturan.com  

El Safareig – Burger restaurant with nice private terrace. https://www.instagram.com/elsafareighamburgueseria/
For reservations: call +34 660 87 53 00

La Magnolia de l’Ucler – Burger restaurant with nice private terrace. For reservations: call +34 938 65 43 48

Café Totote – With a big terrace in Plaça Font del Lleó (downtown) offers drinks and tapas https://www.instagram.com/cafetotote/
No reservations for Terrace. For indoor reservation call: +34 938 62 63 94

La Pelleria – With a big terrace offers drinks, burgers, tapas & “coqueshttps://www.instagram.com/lapelleria/ For reservations: WhasApp +34 660 732 637

Winner – Where to find paella, tapas and sandwiches https://www.winnerrestaurant.com/
For reservations: call +34 93 865 47 95

La Taperia de Caldes – Modern restaurant with multiple options of tapas https://www.instagram.com/lataperiadecaldes/
For reservations: call +34 931 56 06 07

La Tasqueta de Caldes – Stop for a drink, and a fast pincho.

La Godra – Modern and elegant nightlife club where to eat, drink & dance. https://www.instagram.com/lagodra/ It’s in the industrial zone, 25 minutes walking distance from downtown.


Caldes de Montbui has a rich gastronomy due its agricultural and farming origin. During your stay you cannot miss to taste the following “must do” options:

*Taste and buy the traditional “carquinyoli” from any of the patisserie and bakery in town.

*Taste and buy the traditional curated sausages fuet and Longanissa from any of the charcuteries.

*Buy local made pasta Sanmartí with Thermal water available in most of the town shops.

*Taste & buy local gastronomic beer that is available in all the recommended restaurants: unika beer 

*As dessert, order local made “mel i mató” (fresh goat cheese and honey)

*Taste Flors del Remei after your meal. It’s a digestive liqueur made of plants, roots & seeds.


Thermal baths at El Safareig (https://safareigtermal.cat

Important note: These are public baths and participants will need to bring: Swimsuit, towel and swimming cap. They do NOT sell or provide any of these elements, hence they should bring with themselves.