Vickie Natale

Vickie Natale is a successful manufacturing engineer who has spent her past 20 years manufacturing products that require regulatory agency approvals and continued compliance. Fifteen years were spent operating her medical device manufacturing facility and the past several years as a USDA certified organic personal care products manufacturer. Medical devices required quality management systems such as FDA, ISO 9001, UL, etc. Personal care, body care, cosmetics, and food and beverages, specifically those that choose to use the USDA organic seal, require USDA certification. She is delighted to be able to guide you through her unique and rapid method of creating the essential documents, training, etc., that you need to successfully prepare you, your employees, and facility (even if it is just your kitchen) for your USDA Organic Certification audit and continued compliance. Her method is designed to substantially minimize the time it takes to prepare for and apply for certification.

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