Matt Thomas

In 2003, Matt Thomas started his first Portland Teahouse based on a business plan he wrote a year earlier at the University of Oregon. Starting with a small investment from friends and family, combined with personal credit card debt, Matt slowly made that first teahouse a success. By 2008 he had a 2nd shop going, and it was at that time that his customers started asking about kombucha and Brew Dr. was born. Starting from the teahouse basement, Brew Dr. grew over the years into a 4,000 sq ft brewery (2010), then 10,000 sq ft (2012), and on to its current home of 50,000 sq ft (since 2016). Brew Dr. committed from early on to making authentic kombucha that utilizes spinning cone column distillation to reduce alcohol content. This process allows Brew Dr. Kombucha to maintain its raw, live and active nature, while responsibly selling a non-alcoholic product. Matt is proud of Brew Dr.’s stance to be completely transparent regarding its production process. In 2018 Brew Dr. achieved B Corp certification. As one of the only B Corps in the kombucha industry, Brew Dr. is an example of a scaled kombucha business that operates with care for its employees, its community, and the planet. Brew Dr. Kombucha is sold in all 50 states and across Canada, with a team of over 200 employees. The company also operates 5 Brew Dr. Teahouses, all in Oregon. Matt remains the majority owner of his business, dedicated to fulfilling the potential of tea and kombucha.

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