Kate Lubing

Kate has spent over 20 years in the Hospitality Industry, she lives it, breathes it and loves it. Kate spent several years in the Pacific Northwest where she graduated from an accredited Le Cordon Bleu’s Western Culinary Institute, majoring in Hospitality and Restaurant Management. For the next 12+ years she traveled, living all over the west, managing and working as a chef in the Food & Wine industry. Working as a GM & Operations Consultant, her journey brought her back to Salt Lake City. In summer of 2019 Kate found herself at a tasting of Han’s Kombucha. This is where Kate met her now business partner and closer friend, fell in love with all things Han’s Kombucha and her and Hannah started their journey in the kombucha industry together. They now own and operate a 5300 square foot brewery in downtown Salt Lake City with full production brewhouse, canning line and 1600 square feet of Taproom & Bar. Visit HK Brewing Collective, next time you’re in SLC.

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