Jenni Lyons

Jenni Lyons has always prided herself on being a successful and humble entrepreneur. As far back as she can remember, she’s had a passion for helping others and her community. With this passion she started a successful Holistic Health Coaching practice that focused on helping people reconnect with the emotional impact of food, healthy detox programs, as well as meditation. Along with helping others develop and maintain healthy lifestyle habits, she hosted adventure retreats that were a perfect outlet for her love of the outdoors. These retreats were a great way to experience adventure activities like hiking, rafting, and exploring while also preparing healthy and fun meals. In 2013, Jenni’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for all things fermentation eventually led her to establish Denver’s first kombucha company, Happy Leaf Kombucha. After experiencing success with her selling and providing kombucha at farmer’s markets she opened a taproom and restaurant that focused on traditionally brewed kombucha and scratch made fermented food. Even with Happy Leaf’s growth, Jenni still remains focused on maintaining the core values of her company and providing for her community. Considering herself a “true” Coloradoan, you can find Jenni driving up to the mountains in her “subie” with her dog Frankie!

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